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Beastly Tales

Collection of 10 short Fiction Novels from the Mystery Writers of America: Dwindle,Peak and Pine read by Arte Johnson,Neighbors read by Adrienne Barbeau, A Good story read by Arte Johnson,Intruder in the Maze read by Adrienne Barbeau, Best Evidence read by David Birney, Plateau by Joseph Campanella,A cat too small for his whiskers read by Joseph Campanella,A visitor to Mombassa read by David Birney, Intruder in the Maze read by Adrienne Barbeau and Lost Dog read by David Birney. One of the most prestigious and best -known authors groups has once again put together its annual repast-this time with animals as the common thread binding these tales together.Creatures who hold the evidence,or who catalyze an event-creatures just beyond our realm of understanding,with a wisdom so remote from our own,to whom we inevitably impute a touch of the supernatural.However we perceive the lower order of our animal kingdom,they are compelling candidates for tales of suspense, and here they are.

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