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Irreconciable Differences

The Phrase Irreconcilable differences has become an unwelcome and painful fact of life for countless married couples, not to mention business partners, families, and neighbors. As this mesmerizing collection proves, no bland legal euphemism can ever disguise the cut-to-the-quick resentments, violent recriminations, and chilling betrayals of a partnership gone wrong. With 20 tales from today’s most successful writers of crime fiction, including:
— National Book Award Winner Joyce Carol Oates,
— New York Times-bestselling author Edna Buchanan,
— Edgar Award-winner Laurie R. King,
— Julie Smith,
— Agatha Award-winner Margaret Maron.Irreconcilable Differences is an irresistible anthology that treads the emotional minefield of intimacy; fidelity, and devotion, with lethal results.

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