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Rainbow’s End

rom the bestselling author of “The Old Contemptibles” — the latest Inspector Richard Jury mystery.
An intriguing web of murder and mayhem.
A woman’s body is discovered amidst the ancient Roman ruins of Old Sarum — the apparent victim of an accidental fall. In the Tate Gallery in London, an elderly woman keels over — from a supposed heart attack — while studying a painting. At Exeter Cathedral, a third woman is found dead from “natural causes.” But in Martha Grimes’ bestselling novels — and in the world inhabited by Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury — there are no natural causes.
Is there a link between these three women? Of course. And Jury is the one who sorts it out. The link is Santa Fe, New Mexico, which all three women had visited before their untimely deaths. So Jury is off to the States where, amidst the turquoise jewelry and cappuccinos, he searches for and finds an astonishing web of jealousy and murder.
With its clever plotting, delicious atmosphere and a cast of wonderfully eccentric characters, “Rainbow’s End” will satisfy all of Martha Grimes’ many existing fans — and bring her many new ones.

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