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The Account

Julia Lang is a winner – the beautiful, vivacious publicity director of London’s top hotel. Robert Brand is charismatic and handsome – with his vast fortune he can work magic. Together they make a golden couple with the world at their feet. In each other’s arms they can almost forget about Robert’s unhappy marriage to Grace, a union bound by secrets a generation old…that is until Julia’s entire world is suddenly shattered by Robert’s tragic death. The fortune he has left behind for her is little consolation, but when his Swiss bank denies the existence of this inheritance, Julia begins to realize that her perfect life with Robert may have been built on a lie. Determined to find the truth, Julia hires Guy Revenel to track down Brand’s legacy. Guy’s plan is daring and dangerous, but not even he can foresee the horrors it will uncover, nor the ruthlessness of Julia’s enemies.

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