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The Murder Game

America was ready for a nostalgic treat – or so the United Broadcasting System thought when it revived one of television’s most popular game shows after a twenty-year absence from the air waves. Little did the network know that it was setting the stage for murder… A member of the original celebrity panel of “The Murder Game” show; Steve’s vivacious wife, Jayne Meadows, was invited to a reunion with other show business personalities of the original cast to solve imaginary homicides on live, prime time television in a battle of wits and lively banter. But a series of murders that were anything but imaginary quickly turned lively banter into deadly threats and recriminations as, one by, one, the stars of “The Murder Game became very real victims of a killer whose motives were as mysterious as the murders themselves. And as the program’s ratings soared with the discovery of each new body; Steve and Jayne suddenly found themselves in a race against time to figure out whodunit and why before their names were crossed off the killer’s list! Written with wit and a stylish sense of fun, The Murder Game combines Steve Allen’s show business savvy with all the charm and wry humor that readers expect from one of television’s most familiar, talented and beloved personalities.

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