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Tregaron’s dochter

Cadi Tregaron is the 16-year-old daughter of a Cornish fisherman who is happy with her life but troubled by a recurring dream—of a great house standing in water and of the faceless man who waits for her there. When Cadi is cruelly orphaned she is taken into a wealthy family but she is too self-reliant to be spoiled by this change in fortune, and perhaps too self-reliant for her own good. In her new life at Meadhaven she finds mystery, danger, and a hidden enemy. She must uncover this enemy. Is it the wayward Richard Morton, the gray-eyed stranger who is always watching? Or Lucian Farrel, whose face now haunts her dreams? When Cadi finds that the house standing in water of her dream is a reality she discovers that she is bound to it by ancestry. As she comes to know heartbreak and grief, Cadi must learn the terrifying truth about her past to reveal the hidden enemy who threatens her life.

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